Manage stress
MAINTAIN AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE: an effective way to handle stress, relieve anxiety, and heal your body.

In Medicine, we now know that the mind affects the body. Your consistent thoughts and moods can determine your health. In the field of Psycho-neuro-immunology, we see how our state of mind can affect our immune system (that fights diseases); some diseases are psycho-somatic — symptoms appearing in the body, not because of germs or genetics, but because the patient strongly believes they are there! Give an injection of plain water telling the patient it’s the potent single cure for the sickness, and he or she is likely to be made whole in no time! However, not all diseases are caused by our thinking and feelings! Infection, heredity, lifestyle are major causes of disease.

We live in a fast and risky world. Deadlines. Crises. Competition. Demands. These puts a lot of stress on our mind and body — and we have to learn how to manage stress. Anxiety. Fear. Worry. Anger. Shame. This is not good for the heart, the blood vessels, and the immune system. It degrades the body, causing a wide range of disease conditions. This is where the habit of thankfulness and appreciation comes in.

Gratitude — looking out for the people and things in your life to be thankful for — prevents stress and reverses the effect of accumulated mental and physical tension, thereby releasing your body to absorb life and vitality! Gratitude changes your focus, and redirects your energy. It boosts your immune system.

Don’t worry about what you don’t have. Be grateful for what you have, no matter how small. Many don’t have what you have. Many people wish to be who and where you are. Instead of seeing what is wrongs about you love-partner, write down a list of only the things about the person you are grateful for. Feel the feelings of gratitude, love, appreciation, and thankfulness. Express your gratitude in words and action. Buy a gift. Give a testimony.
From the opening of your eyes in the morning till the closing of the same at night, let your day be filled and saturated with thanks! Don’t complain or criticize. Don’t give people power over your emotions by letting them anger you! Be strong. Appreciate. Admire. And be grateful.

And your body will thank you for that. For, where the mind goes, the body follows. If your thinking and feelings be positive, your body will be healthy.

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