HEALTH TIPS: KNOW HOW TO HELP YOURSELF DURING A BOMB BLAST: reducing the risk of disability and death.

Terrorist attack. Suicide bomber. Bomb blast. Newspaper headlines. Breaking news. Everywhere.

And it is becoming frequent!

What do you do if you are caught in? Do you know how to help to yourself during a bomb blast attack? If you heard the sound of the blast, it means you are still alive! Then, apply the safety tips we will discuss.

… And, Gbbboommm!!!

Calm down. Or else you won’t even remember to apply any of the safety and health measures! Be grateful you even heard the sound!

Lay flat. This prevents injury from flying particles and products of the explosion. And reduces the impact of the energetic blow of the blast. Remain on the ground for at least one minute. If things are falling around you, get under the protection of a solid stable object. And avoid making unnecessary movements.

Cover your mouth and nose with a handkerchief, or with your clothes.

If you are lucky to know there will be a blast, say few seconds before, get down and completely block your ears with your fingers. You would have saved your hearing. After the blast sound, forget about your ears, cover your nose and mouth, and protect your eyes.

As much as possible try not to shout. Most people inhale the dust, particles and chemicals that destroy their lungs at the moment they scream. This is deadly!

Breathe shallow and fast. Do not take deep breaths. Don’t try to hold your breath. Protect your lungs. And remember to pray under your breath.

Stay away from windows, glass, mirror, cupboards, gas cylinders, electrical apparatuses and connections, and anything that could harm.

Do not make phone calls. Phone signals could trigger other bombs. And don’t even think of updating your Facebook profile to: “bomb blast tinz. On point.”! Rather, be on the alert.

Watch out for the first, best opportunity to move and leave the blast area. Don’t stand tall; bend over forward at the waist while your run away. Imitate action thriller movie actors! Don’t stop to pick anything. Open doors carefully. Leave the scene. Stay away from abandoned cars and uncompleted buildings.

If unfortunately you are trapped, and hidden from sight, as soon as the blasts settles, you might take the risk of shouting for help (while you have the strength to), making calls (while you still have the battery charge to), flashing your torch-light or your phone-light randomly (to get attention) or hitting on anything to create sound and noise. Some people now carry a whistle around, as part of their key-holder, or something; this is life-saving! Blow your whistle! And keep blowing (while you still have the strength to).

Go see your doctor, as soon as possible. Even if you feel okay. A thorough examination is extremely important.

You can now update you facebook, twitter, or BBM status!

Be safe. May God keep us all. Amen.