benefits of good sleep
Enjoy adequate daily sleep: the most natural way to renew and restore your body and mind

We are yet to know the exact reason why we sleep! It’s a great mystery! We only have scientific guesses. However, the health benefits of having regular and adequate daily sleep are clearly known. Yes! There are numerous benefits of good sleep — and I won’t tell you any of them!

It’s important to know, however, that it improves the immune system (a system of body-soldiers that fight germs and diseases); enhances energy conservation and restoration (and wound healing); improves physical and mental growth and development; helps memory, decision making, reasoning and learning. Good sleep reduces the chances of coming down with serious diseases.

Stop depriving yourself of sleep, just because you want to make ends meet, or you want to finish a movie series! We can’t cheat nature; we pay for sleep deprivation, sooner or later. Our need for sleep differ with our age: while an adult may require 7-8 hours of sleep, a new-born may need 17-18 hours of sleep in a day. Siestas are also beneficial. However, for adults, too much sleep, like too much of every other thing, is not good!

Keep a regular sleep schedule — have a “sleeping time” and a “waking up time”. Avoid coffee and exercise before going to bed. It’s best if ¬†you can wake up without the help of an alarm or any disturbance.

If you are having problems sleeping, see a doctor, because sleep is so important it is impossible to live an optimum life without it. Obey nature, and you will be grateful you did!

How was you night?