benefits of drinking enough water everyday
DRINK ENOUGH WATER EVERYDAY: the first way to keep your body alive!

Water is life. Inadequate water in the body (dehydration) is a major cause of death, especially among children. As the amount of water in the body becomes insufficient, the functioning of the body deteriorates. Water is lost from evaporation (from skin), in sweating, in urine, in stool, and even from breathing! And the loss increases in hot weather and in activity (like a busy work day and exercise). The best thing you can do to your body everyday is to make sure you drink adequate amount of potable water everyday. It maintains the body fluids, regulates the body temperature, and even makes the skin look good! These are the wonderful benefits of drinking enough water everyday. Poor hydration can cause body aches, stones to form in the kidneys, constipation, and (may God forbid), death!

As popular and as believable as it sounds, you must not take 8 glasses of water everyday! There is no scientific basis for that! Truth is, you might require more or even less, depending on your activity and the weather. Thanks to Nature for the best gauge — thirst. The best indicator is your thirst. If you are thirsty, drink water. Follow your thirst. Also, if your urine color is yellow or amber, and the odor is strong, it simply means you are not drinking enough water. Though some drugs and injections can also cause that. Aim for a clear urine! Flush your system!

Let your thirst guide you, because as with every other thing in life, too much of water is not good. Its called “water intoxication”. Drink slowly. Drink — not alcohol or soft drinks, but colorless, odorless, tasteless water.

And, obey your thirst.