Natural foods

 First, you notice there is no name for the food or drink in your original native language! It is made in factory plants and industries. It could be bottled, boxed, canned, or bagged (and then labeled). Processed foods. Fast foods. Junk foods. Soft drinks. Snacks. Energy drinks. Sweets. And so on. The only part of your body that likes them is your tongue! Doctors and nutritionists (and your great-grand-ma) sees them as “unhealthy foods”! These are not natural foods.They are processed.


People that live long and die strong, typically, eat more of “natural foods” and drinks, and less of “processed foods”.


The problem here is that these processed foods go through series of processing and refinements that remove essential nutrients and fibers. Thereafter, attempts are made to add these nutrients which, unfortunately, are not as rich and organic as the nutrients removed from the natural products and sources being processed. Consequently, the body is poorly nourished. Also, health experts are doubtful about the safety of high amounts of some of the additives, flavors, artificial sweeteners, coloring agents, and preservatives used. Finally, and importantly, these processed and packaged foods contain high amounts of salt, sugars, and fats. We don’t want too much of these in the body. No, we don’t.


Increased consumption of these unhealthy foods has been strongly linked to increase in cases of obesity, cancers, heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, psychological problems, and so on. These negatively affect how well and how long one lives.


Buy apples instead of apple juice. Eat locally-grown and home-prepared food. They are healthier, fresher, and more natural. They are whole, compatible with the body systems. Organic. Drink more water. Eat plenty of fruits. Prepare vegetable soups. Cook “swallow”.  Add some fish and chicken.  Gradually reduce the amount of processed foods you consume by replacing them with foods that Mother Nature has so blessed us with.


Before you put it in your mouth, ask yourself: “Did great-grand-mum eat or drink this?”


Choose to live long and die strong!  You are what you eat!