DEVELOP THE HABIT OF HAND-WASHING: a simple but powerful way to say “NO” to disease and death!

“Proper hand-washing with soap and water… is one of the most practical and effective ways of preventing the spread of disease.” — World Health Organization (WHO).

Did you just finish visiting the toilet or bathroom, or changing a baby’s diapers? Did you just finish handling raw meat or fish; or are you about cooking, eating, or feeding a child? Did you just blow your nose, sneeze, or cough without a handkerchief? Did you just clear the dust-bin? Did you just finish cleaning wound, or attending to a sick person? Are your hands visibly dirty? Or, do you feel they are dirty?

It’s simple. Wet your hands. Get a plain soap [Surprisingly, medicated, anti-bacterial soap may not be better! Don’t mind the TV adverts!]. Lather well — let it foam. Rub for about 20seconds. Rub all surfaces — don’t forget in-between fingers and under fingernails. Rinse with plain water [Warm water is not better; it only feels better!]. Dry your hands with clean towel. That’s all.

You have cleared an army of germs, and a host of harmful chemicals! We get them from touching people, animals, and things. And through the mouth, nose, and eyes, they enter the body to cause a range of Respiratory Tract Infections and Gastrointestinal Tract diseases. You see how long and wicked they sound?! But, congratulations, now, you are safe!

N.B: Using antimicrobial wipes is good; using alcohol-based sanitizers is better; using soap and water is always the best.

Wash your hands. Properly. Frequently. It’s simple. It doesn’t take much time, energy, or money. Life (and death) is in your hands!

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