#1: Scratching recharge cards with nails causes cancer!

Na big lie!  Nowadays, if you want to get attention, just say something causes or cures cancer!  And people will be under your control, doing whatever you tell them.  There’s absolutely no known way that scratching recharge cards coatings with your finger-nails can cause cancer. It doesn’t cause cancer; so, feel free! Scratch with your nails. And enjoy scratching!
#2: Teething causes fever and purging in babies!
Hmmm…not exactly! When babies bring out teeth they could sometimes have high temperature and pass loose stools. However, these are not caused by the teething. Teething only causes gum pain and itching, and slight fever.  High fever, purging, vomiting, abdominal cramps are due to other causes and infections, probably, from putting contaminated hands or objects in the mouth in order to scratch itchy gums. Not directly due to teething. See a doctor.
#3: HIV infection is the worse disease on Earth!
Not really! There are diseases that kill faster. There are conditions that are more expensive to treat.  In fact, HIV infection is not usually considered among the terminal conditions. It takes several years to get to full-blown AIDS (the ones you see in pictures and TV); in fact if well managed,(and if started early), one will live a normal life — you will marry, make love, have kids, and most likely die of something else, (maybe old age)!
#4: There’s a one-cure-all drug or substance!

For where?!  Garlic. Honey. Aloe vera. Quail eggs. Ginger. Moringa. And so on. A good way to know something is not true is when it claims to cure all or even many unrelated diseases and conditions. True, some natural products, like Moringa products have several health benefits, yet the way marketers present these as the magic one-cure-all drug for all diseases is simply advertisement and business. It’s not medicine! Dont be carried away!
#5: Psychiatrists only treat mad people!
Lol! Wrong! True, psychiatrists treat mad people, but they also attend to a whole lot of other not-too-mad and “normal” people: people having issues with drug addiction, cigarette smoking, alcohol dependence; children with learning problem (or even bed-wetting); depression, mood swings, fear (of, say, public speaking), excessive shyness or anxiety, and so on.  And those who think someone in the village is trying to kill them! Psychiatrists attend to such people, and more!
#6: Reading with dim-light (like candle-light) causes eye problems!
Half-truth! Reading in a poorly-lit environment only cause temporary strain to the eyes. The eyes hurt. Reading gets difficult, and tiring. However, no permanent damage is done to the eyes; everything gets back to normal as soon as one gets to a bright light. So, stops saying you got that eye problem and shortsightedness  from using candles to read! You didn’t!
#7: Repeated sudden death in a family must be due to witchcraft or generational curses!
God forbid! Some disease run in families. Most dramatic is when you there’s the history of a family member just sitting, walking, or playing football, falls over and dies without any previous serious illness or injury. Or a young man dies in his sleep. And another member of the family dies too. And another. And others.  It is usually a heart disease until previous otherwise. If there’s a history of anyone dying suddenly in your family (especially a young person), see a doctor. Yes! You can say “God forbid”, you can go for prayers, but don’t forget to take the whole family for a thorough medical check-up! 
#8: Frequent sex makes a lady look older!
Not true! Scientific researches rather shows that sex make one look younger and even healthier. If you are looking older, then it’s the normal aging process! Stop blaming frequent sex and using that as an excuse! And breast sagging is not related to sex; its related to weight gain, breast feeding, and increase age!
There are more lies. I hear them everyday. And laugh. This might shock you: Indian hemp (“Igbo”) is more harmful to the health than ordinary cigarette! It’s a very believable lie!  
My one-hour break is over. Gotta go.
Shine your eyes. Find the lies.