LIE #1: Pepper has no nutritional benefit to the body!

Not true! Peppers are one of the richest sources of vitamins (especially vitamins A and C). They also contain phyto-chemicals and minerals which your body really, really needs! [Read: Why I eat plenty of fruits and vegetables everyday!]

LIE #2: Diabetes is caused by eating too much sugar and sweet things!

Na lie! Diabetes has wide-range of causes: genetics, hereditary, life-style, drugs, infections, etc. But too much sugar? Naaah!!! However, we strictly regulate the sugar intake of confirmed diabetics. [Article on diabetes coming soon.]

LIE #3: “Cough and catarrh” is caused by cold weather and air-conditioner!

Half-truth! Cold is not directly caused by cold weather. It is caused by viruses! Some of these viruses love cold conditions; others are seasonal and, hence, seen during cold, dry season; and the cold weather makes the respiratory tract more susceptible to catch cold. Viruses are the cause; cold weather is just the scape-goat! [Read: This cold and catarrh is killing me!]

LIE #4: The so-called “toilet infection” in ladies is gotten from the toilet!

No way! Most ladies would say they got “toilet infections” after using a certain toilet. But these “Vaginal infections” are not gotten from the toilets! Causes include excessive douching and use of creams and perfumes; poor hygiene; excessive use of antibiotics and contraceptives; physical and emotional stress; etc. [Read: The truth about “toilet infections” in ladies — part 1 and part 2]

LIE #5: Hypertension is caused by too much worry, anger, anxiety, and fear!

Hmmm… not really! Hypertension, like diabetes, has been linked to genetic factors and lifestyle. Kidney diseases and some “hormonal” disorders cause hypertension. Obesity, alcoholism, diabetes, pregnancy, herbal concoctions, drug abuse, etc are associated. Stress and emotional states, like worry, might worsen the condition. But, placing “too much thinking” as a cause of hypertension is wrong! [Article on hypertension on the way; watch out!]

LIE #6: Vitamin C cures cold and catarrh!

Error! Vitamin C, contrary to popular beliefs, does not cure or even improve the symptoms of cold! Any improvement you experience with taking Vitamin C is either due to the power of belief (the placebo effect) or from the use of other drugs and intervention. Cold is self-limiting; it goes on its own! [Read: This cold and catarrh is killing me!]

LIE #7: Eating at night causes weight gain and “big tummy”!

Wrong! Weight gain is not dependent on “when” you eat, but on “how much” and “what” you eat. If you eat more than you burn or use up; if your intake is more than your output; the excess is stored in the body, especially in tummy region. So it’s not really about eating late-night. [Read: Few facts about flat tummy …and how to get it — Part 1 and part 2]

LIE #8: You will get HIV from kissing an HIV-positive person!

Hmmm…very unlikey! Rarely, could HIV be transmitted through kissing. However, the risk slightly increases if the kiss is deep and the mouth has cuts, wounds, sores, or swollen gum. Anyways, there has been no record of transmission this way. Actually, only one incidence — a certain couple! [Read: What can I “catch” from kissing?]

There are more! But, gotta go. Kinda busy, a little.

More lies. Coming.

Bye. Don’t lie.