smoke cigarettes

#1: It does not improve my health.

It has no nutrients; no vitamins, not even minerals! There is no conclusive evidence to its preventive benefit against any disease or medical condition. It doesn’t cure any illness. It doesn’t improve the healing effect of any drug. It does not add anything to my health, (neither does it make me more handsome!)

#2: It causes diseases.

It has a negative, global effect on the body, destroying every organ, affecting every system – from head to toe! It causes cancer – of the lungs, blood, stomach, kidney, bladder, and so on. It makes one more likely to have stroke, hypertension, lung diseases, brain diseases, heart attacks, blindness, et cetera. And “secondary smokers” (that is, those around you while smoke, say your spouse), get a high chance of developing these conditions too; because exhaled smoke is even more toxic than the inhaled!

#3: It causes early death.

Cigarette-smoking has been described as “the single greatest cause of preventable death in the whole world”! It is thought to be due to its damaging effect on the body and the psyche. It has been noted by researchers that it reduces one’s age by an average of 13 years! Even the cigarette packs warns that you are “liable to die young”!

#4: It contains toxic chemicals.

It contains benzene (found in petroleum); butane (found in lighters); ammonia (found in detergents); toluene (found in paints); cadmium (found in batteries); hydrogen cyanide (used in chemical war-weapons), and many more! Imagine inhaling a well-packaged mixture of all these! No wonder I don’t smoke cigarettes!

#5: It is highly addictive.

I hate being under unnecessary control, especially harmful authorities! Cigarette contains nicotine, a highly addictive substance, making it extremely difficult to stop smoking even when you know it’s killing you! You become physically and psychologically dependent on it – you feel calm and “high” when you smoke; and become restless, stressed, and uncoordinated when you don’t. You’ve lost power!

#6: It affects my social and financial status.

It could make one bold outwardly, but an insecure coward on the inside, because of the sense of constant defeat, and low esteem from the feeling of lack of control. Smokers have a social stigma, especially being easily identified because of the recognizable “smoker’s face”, darken lips and fingers. Also, a pack of cigarette, in Nigeria, is about 300 Naira. It dries the pocket. I would rather use that to buy ice-fish!!

#7: I just don’t like cigarettes!

I love children – big, beautiful ones, especially! And, secondly, guys love sex, good sex! [blushing] Cigarette smoking (in pregnant ladies) causes miscarriages; abnormal, deformed babies; premature babies; and babies with low weight; and they could die young! And more importantly, in men, it causes infertility, impotence, and erectile dysfunction – that disappointing inability to have a sustained, adequate erection [in every 10 smokers, 8 of them have this problem]. And this is serious, a damn serious issue!

You see, don’t blame me if I don’t succumb to the pressures around, or if I step aside while you are smoking. And really, I don’t need that kind of “swag”! Yes, I need life …and a strong, long life, for that matter!