The problem with pimples is the cosmetic and psychological effect that it has; it is not life-threatening. Therefore, I won’t bother you with details of medical classifications and pathophysiological processes (Huh!).

But know this: the skin, normally, produces an oily substance (called sebum) to lubricate and protect the skin. Also, the skin, normally, sheds off aged and dead skin cells, replacing it with newer ones from below. There are tiny “holes”or pores on the skin through which this oily substance comes to the surface from below. Whenever this “oil” hardens, especially with increased production, (with the dead cells and other substances), it tends to block the “holes”. Bacteria acts on this, and… bingo! Pimples appears!!

Then, you will have to do these:

  • Learn to wash your face twice daily, regularly — in the morning and before bed. Too frequent washing will cause the skin to produce more oil. Use a medicated/antiseptic soap (e.g Tetmosol or Dettol). Using a facial cleanser is also very important.(N.B: avoid oil- or alcohol-based facial cleansers; read the container). Warm water is better. Steaming the face is also very helpful. Never sleep with make-ups. 
  • When drying the face, avoid hard scrubbing or rubbing with towel; just dab or pad it gently, whenever you want to clean the face.
  • Avoid the habit of touching your face. The hands are usually continually dirty! Keep your hair off the face. Letting the hair fall over the face irritate and contaminate the skin.
  • The use of Nixoderm has a high rate of effectiveness in handling pimples, and even blemishes from past ones. Apply this after washing at night (and in the morning, if you can afford looking like a “ghost”!) You may just simply apply only on the spots and swellings, leaving out the unaffected parts. Avoid the eyes. Do not swallow… . Nixoderm works miracles!
  • It’s best to leave pimples without popping or “breaking” it. Breaking, scratching, pinching, squeezing it may leave a scar or spread it to other parts. But I know very few people will obey this commandment! So if you must pop it, follow these instructions: Make sure it is “ripe”; don’t break it if it is not on the surface; wash your hands thoroughly; wash the face; use “tissue paper” — bare hands could contaminate it; apply Nixoderm.
  • You could ignore them. Let puberty come and go. Or let the menstrual cycle roll by. They will disappear with time. Meanwhile, you could use make-ups and body lotions to hide it (after washing the face). 
  • See your doctor or a dermatologist (“skin doctor”) if you are really concerned and want a professional touch! Also, some may be very serious, or may be some other more serious skin disease, warranting experts medical attention.

Most importantly, let pimples remain on the skin; don’t “rub it in”; don’t let it affect your self-esteem! You look good! Yes, you do… really!!