• “Pot-belly” (and abdominal fat) is not directly caused by alcohol, even though it may be associated with it. The long and short of it: don’t be quick to link every ”big belle” with alcoholism!
  • Abdominal fat is actually storage of excess calories caused by consuming more than one can use up or eliminate. The excess fat accumulates in the abdomen and under the skin of the abdomen. (However, some may be manifestation of certain medical conditions.)
  • Occasional sit-ups will not give the lasting results you desire. Moreover, sit-ups and other abdominal exercises only help to strengthen the abdominal muscles; they don’t deal with the major cause; they don’t actually burn-up the fat inside. And results are reversed immediately you stop.
  • It is not just enough to reduce the quantity of food you eat; the type of food you eat is equally, if not more, important.
  • Even though, heredity may sometimes be a contributing factor, it has a lot to do with lifestyle and environmental factors, therefore no situation is hopeless! You can change; yes, you can!
  • Apart from the fact that it may not be sometimes aesthetically appealing (in┬ásimple English: it makes one not to look good), especially for ladies; it has been linked to health conditions like heart disease, hypertension, Type II diabetes, and few other medical conditions.
  • Even though surgeries and drugs are commonly advertised, there are other ways that are safer, with less side-effects and, of course, cheaper. And you will do them in your homes!
  • As with every other aspects of life, prevention is better than cure.
NOTE: Next post will give details on steps to achieving (and sustaining) a flatter tummy!