Here are few ways to handle menstrual pain
  1. DISCOVER WHAT WORKS FOR YOU:  Pain has a lot to do with the mind. Ladies seem to have different ways of reducing pain; and they work wonders! Discover and embrace what works for you, provided it is not harmful.
  2. EXERCISE: Stretching, walking, or exercise (in general) has been proven to reduce pain. They make the body produce special substances called endorphins that ”kill” pain! Try curling into a ball! Breathing deeply, from the tummy (see it rise and fall), is very helpful for relaxation.
  3. HOT PADS ON TUMMY: Hot water bottles, heating pads, or even compress with towel soaked in warm water on the tummy (especially below the navel) could be very helpful. Be careful not to burn yourself! Also try a warm bath and hot tea.
  4. MASSAGE: Rubbing, squeezing and pressing the tummy, the lower parts of the back and the waist works for most ladies. Try this out!
  5. PAIN-KILLERS: Some simple pain-relieving drugs (like Ibuprofen) can be gotten from the pharmacy. These are especially helpful when you start taking them before the pains start. Make sure you eat before taking these drugs. Some people say they find Multivitamins helpful too.
  6. FEEL GOOD: Try your hobbies, lie down under a revolving fan, watch movies, read a book, try drawing, play some music, sing, dance, go out for a walk! Do anything that will distract you and make you feel good. Or, have a good sleep!
  7. SEE A DOCTOR: Menstrual pains could get severe, and out of hand! You may have to see a medical doctor as the pain may be due to other causes. Also, there are advanced ways of handling pains.